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Foam Filled Tires

There are many types of industrial equipment that must use pneumatic tires, solid tires are not an option. Installing polyurethane foam fill in these pneumatic tires is an excellent alternative.

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Foam Filled Tires

What is Foam Fill?

Foam Fill is a two-component liquid urethane that is pumped into the tire through the valve stem that cures into a solid-state within 24 hours, replacing all of the air. Foam Filled tires eliminate flat tires, but with the performance and softer ride of pneumatic tires.

What are some of the advantages of Foam Filled Tires?

  • They cannot go flat, there is no air pressure inside to leak out.

  • The “air pressure" is fixed and will remain constant throughout the life of the tire.

  • They retain approximately 65% of the shock absorption of a pneumatic tire -- softer than solid tires.

  • Your original equipment wheel can be used again by cutting off the worn-out foam fill tire and mounting a new tire and filling it again.

  • You can use the tire of your choice -- different brands, ply ratings, tread designs, etc.

How to Install Foam Fill

  • The mounted tire and wheel must be removed from the piece of equipment and brought to the foam fill shop.

  • The interior of the tire must be clean and free of any liquids - liquid tire sealant, water, etc.

  • After the foam fill is injected into the valve stem it is set to the desired pressure then sealed off. 

  • The tire must lay flat for approximately 24 hours while the urethane foam fills cures into a solid state.

We can help you determine whether foam-filled tires might be a good option for you.


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