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Alignment & Mobile Alignment

A properly aligned vehicle is one in which all wheels are aimed in the same direction. We can perform large truck alignments at all of our stores or at your location in Houston and San Antonio.

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Alignment & Mobile Alignment

The number one and number two operating expenses in over-the-road transportation are fuel and tires respectively. Both are typically perceived as hard to control. Routine wheel alignment is the most effective way to control tire costs and can impact fuel costs as well. 

Unfortunately, alignment is mostly addressed after the damage has been done. We recommend that you have your alignment checked every time you install new steer tires or anytime you begin to see the slightest uneven wear on your tires. 

We have highly-trained alignment technicians who utilize state-of-the-art Hunter alignment equipment. We can generally get your truck aligned the day you bring it in. 

See detailed information on truck alignment at the Hunter Equipment website.

Mobile Truck Alignment

At our Houston and San Antonio stores, Beasley Tire offers mobile truck alignment. We are able to align your large trucks and trailers on site at your location. This makes it possible for you to address alignment needs on several vehicles at one time without having to tie up your company employees to shuttle the trucks to our shop. This is done by appointment, but can often be done the same day or the day following. 


Trust The Experts At Beasley Tire

Why do your friends and neighbors trust Beasley Tire? It’s simple— we don’t stop at “good enough.” We take pride in our old-fashioned work ethic while embracing modern technology to constantly improve our knowledge and techniques. We strive to make vehicle repair and maintenance as simple and stress-free as possible for our customers.

We are not just a mechanic shop or just a tire shop. We are a place where consumers, commercial fleets, and industrial vehicle owners across Houston and Southeast Texas can bring their vehicle/equipment and know, without a doubt, that their vehicle/tires will be serviced by a friendly team member as quickly as possible using the highest quality products.

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Trust your commercial fleet in the hands of the professionals so you can focus on keeping your business running smoothly.

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Mobile Services

Specially tailored mobile services include:

  • Rolling Tire Shop mobile tire installation & balance for cars, pick-ups, vans, and SUV's
  • Mobile wheel alignment for large commercial trucks
  • Mobile trailer mechanical service