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Mounted Tire Program

A mounted tire program is a good way for a fleet to outsource their tire program and reap the benefits of a lower tire maintenance cost.

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Mounted Tire Program

In a mounted tire program your tires and wheels are tracked from the time they are picked up from your location until they are returned, ensuring that you get your own casings back and are able to manage your assets.

Tires are brought to our shop and dismounted. Depending on the need, the removed tires either enter our MRT retread shop to be retreaded, are replaced with a new tire, or just repaired. Wheels are inspected, graded, and refurbished in our powder coat wheel system if needed.   

When the tires and wheels are remounted they receive a new stem, exact specified air pressure, and a new sealed valve cap or double sealed flow through cap as specified. Your tire and wheel assemblies will be returned to you ready to be bolted on by your shop personnel.

Another benefit of the mounted tire program is that your tires that are no longer able to be retreaded and are to be scrapped are kept in one location for scrap tire analysis. In a scrap analysis, we are seeking to identify recurring problems that may be causing you to lose tires prematurely and also process tires for warranty adjustment as necessary.

Outsourcing your tires through a mounted tire program also allows you to maintain a minimum inventory at your location. 

Other benefits of a properly administered mounted tire program for a fleet are:

  • Reduced labor cost 
  • Reduced training cost
  • Reduced injury exposure
  • Maximized use of tire and wheel assets

As with all our programs, the mounted tire program is tailored to the needs of each individual fleet. Contact us to have one of our fleet specialists meet with you and discuss a program tailored for your fleet.


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