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Steering & Suspension

Keeping a vehicle properly suspended and steering correctly is imperative for peak performance, fuel economy, and safety.

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Steering & Suspension

Prior to any vehicle’s tires being realigned, we carefully check over the conditions of all components related to the steering and suspension systems. For safety purposes, these systems need to operate at peak performance, and their proper function is essential for a successful alignment.

Our Texas suspension and steering system techs perform complete, thorough inspections of your vehicle’s suspension and steering and relay to you precise estimates for any work that needs to be done. The majority of the time, any suspension work that needs to be completed can be finished on the same day or within a 24-hour period maximum. 


Trust The Experts At Beasley Tire

People across the state of Texas trust Beasley Tire to service their vehicles because we don’t call the job done at just “good enough.” Our team marries time-honored values of hard work with today's latest technologies so that only the best outcomes are achieved. We’re always seeking to better our process for the sake of our customers across Central-Southeast Texas and beyond! 

Beasley Tire isn’t your average tire shop. We’re where all stripes of service vehicles, everyday drivers, industrial fleets, and more come to have their rides taken care of by masters of the craft. If you’re looking for a friendly, no-nonsense suspension and steering repair experience, tire balancing or replacement service, and more, then you’ve found the right crew.

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