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Shocks are important to driving safety. At 30 mph, even one worn shock can increase the stopping distance by 6 feet.

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Shock & Strut Replacement


The Car Care Council recommends that motorists check their shocks and struts every 12 months or 12,000 miles, usually in conjunction with a wheel alignment.

Under normal conditions, shocks wear out gradually and you may not notice incremental losses in ride quality, handling, and control. Some signs that your vehicle may have worn shocks include excessive bouncing, rocking back and forth, drifting or nose-diving while braking, swaying, or cupping wear on the tires.

Our major supplier of shocks and struts is KYB. 

KYB uses its innovative design and advanced engineering to produce state-of-the-art shocks and struts that are recognized worldwide for their proven reliability and superior ride control. 

KYB is the world's largest supplier of shocks and struts to vehicle manufacturers. KYB produces a variety of ride control products for use as original equipment and replacement parts in automobiles, light trucks, motorcycles, buses, and industrial applications.

At Beasley Tire Service, we will check your shocks to see if they are working properly. If they do need replacement, we will recommend a shock or strut that is right for your vehicle and the way you drive.



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