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Tire Balance

At Beasley Tire Service, we have the experience and equipment to address ride problems that go beyond the basic balancing procedure. Among other things, we incorporate the use of Hunter Equipment’s “Road Force” balancer at our Houston location.

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Tire Balance

Beasley Tire has the equipment and know-how to tackle concerns that transcend the basic balance of your ride. Our skilled staff of Texas tire balancing experts in Houston incorporates Hunter Equipment’s “Road Force” tire balancer!

Car, SUV, and Truck Tire Balance
Wheel alignment and wheel balancing are two separate yet equally important components of a smooth and efficient ride. Proper tire balancing keeps your tires rotating while minimizing vibrations from the road. The symptoms of an unbalanced wheel include:

  • Cupped or scalloped wear patterns on the tires
  • Vibration in the floorboard or the seat at certain speeds
  • Vibration in the steering wheel at certain speeds

Vibrations such as those listed above typically occur at highway speeds such as 45 mph or more. When one section of the tire is heavier than the other, then tire unbalancing is inevitable. As little as one ounce of tire imbalance at the front of your vehicle is enough to result in a vibration that can be felt through the steering wheel when going approximately 60 mph. 

How Does a Wheel Get Balanced?

To properly balance a tire, our experienced Texas tire techs will mount the wheel on a balance machine. The wheel is then spun up to speed until the heavier part of the tire is spotted. Unbalanced tires are fixed by placing more weight on the opposite side. Many people are surprised at how much better their vehicle operates after just a little tweak! 

At Beasley Tire, we have the equipment and expertise to address any number of tires in need of rebalancing in Texas! 

Why Use the Hunter Road Force System?

As both a means of vibration control and balance, the Hunter Road Force system is the ideal means to analyze and adjust passenger car and light truck wheel/tire assemblies. Each assembly is evaluated for its level of static/dynamic imbalances. The system can deliver up to 1400 lbs of force against the rotating assembly to provide a real-to-life road test. As the roller evaluates the loaded assembly under load, it automatically recommends corrections when needed. The Hunter Road Force system eliminates several of the subjective, time-consuming, and needless measurements of the loaded runout historically used to diagnose ride issues.

Trust the Texas Tire Pros At Beasley Tire

Why do Texans trust Beasley Tire? It’s because we don’t settle for “good enough.” We count ourselves as folks who take pride in old-fashioned working spirit while embracing the innovations of today to continuously refine our techniques and knowledge. We seek to make vehicle maintenance and repair as stress-free and simple as can be for our patrons. 

Beasley Tire is more than just a tire shop in Central-Southeast Texas. We are where commercial fleets, everyday car drivers, industrial vehicle operators, and more come to have their rides professionally serviced by the best in the industry. Punctual service meets quality products with the pros at Beasley Tire to deliver a peerless experience!


Trust The Experts At Beasley Tire

People across the state of Texas trust Beasley Tire to service their vehicles because we don’t call the job done at just “good enough.” Our team marries time-honored values of hard work with today's latest technologies so that only the best outcomes are achieved. We’re always seeking to better our process for the sake of our customers across Central-Southeast Texas and beyond! 

Beasley Tire isn’t your average tire shop. We’re where all stripes of service vehicles, everyday drivers, industrial fleets, and more come to have their rides taken care of by masters of the craft. If you’re looking for a friendly, no-nonsense suspension and steering repair experience, tire balancing or replacement service, and more, then you’ve found the right crew.

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